Rehabilitation Classes

Physiotherapist-led rehabilitation classes at Peak Performance enable you to perform specific weekly strengthening programmes over a period of six weeks. The classes are one hour in duration and you will be placed with 3 or 4 other patients with similar needs. As well as strength, flexibility and functional benefits, these cost-effective classes offer weekly contact with the physiotherapist so that any new developments in your recovery can be easily discussed. They are ideal for a range of injuries, particularly those which are recurrent in nature (e.g. chronic back pain, shoulder impingement, ankle inversion) as well as post-operative rehabilitation (e.g. spinal, shoulder, groin). Although they may share some common exercises, classes are divided into:

Back Class/Core: e.g. back, hip, groin problems

Shoulder e.g. subacromial impingement, rotator cuff pathology, post-operative repair

Lower Limb e.g. chronic ankle instability, Achilles pathology, anterior knee pain.

Please contact the clinic for more information on current courses and suitability. If you have not attended Peak Performance for physiotherapy prior to enrolment on one of these classes it will be necessary to book a short appointment with Lucie for assessment.